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Template problems

You'll find answers to common problems with Monk, templates and deployments here.

Some of my runnables have problem resolving hostnames of other runnables

If some of the runnables crash with errors like Error connecting to Redis on templates-stack-redis-redis:6379 (SocketError) and you are using alpine based image then you have probably encountered a bug with alpine hostname resolving.

How to verify it:

monk shell problematic-runnable-name
ping templates-stack-redis-redis

If the ping works correctly then it might be problem with your service. If on the other hand the host is not reachable when pinging it might be problem related to some alpine versions. It can be mitigated by adding .monk at the end of the host. For example templates-stack-redis-redis.monk. After that you can verify that host is working by loading template again and updating your runnable. In monk templates the .monk suffix can be added using arrowscript:

<- get-hostname("stack/redis", "redis") ".monk" concat
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