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Monk ecosystem at glance

MonkOS: new, self-contained distributed cloud OS.

monk Kits or “kits”: Abstractions for any infrastructure element. This can include a containerized application or microservice, or even an artifact like an AWS RDS / GCP database instance. Kits can also be bundled into other kits.

monkScript: composable YAML for describing workloads and infrastructure in one place. A difference between monkScript and other YAML based Infrastructure-As-Code (IaaS) languages is that there is no need for macros or pre-processors.

Whiteboard: Monk’s GUI. You can design your infrastructure from pre-packaged Kits and your own services. The design on the whiteboard is fully deployable which means you can deploy it on any cloud.

Monk: is an autonomous AI DevOps agent that runs your app in the cloud.

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