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Our graphical interface, or whiteboard, allows you to draw your architectural designs and deploy them. The elements of the whiteboard are designed so that they match how you would expect to draw these diagrams either by hand or existing software architecting tools: you use different visual elements to show instances, load balancers, volumes, as well as the software running on them. Once you have designed your infrastructure, you can deploy it to your chosen cloud providers using the Deploy button.


If you are interested in building diagrams but not saving and deploying them, you can use our sandbox. Our sandbox has access to the same cloud providers and kits as our main whiteboard, the two biggest differences are:

  1. you do not use an account with the sandbox and,
  2. you cannot deploy from the sandbox.

Since you cannot store sensitive data in a sandbox deploy, you can also share your designs with others for ease of knowledge transfer and communication.

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