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Content Creation

MonkOS Contributor Program rewards individuals who share their knowledge and spread the word about MonkOSOS on the internet.

Earn up to $300 per article or video!

If you:

  • wrote a blog post or an article referring to MonkOS,
  • recorded a tutorial video on how to use MonkOS,
  • live-steramed yourself using MonkOS,
  • did a podcast episode about MonkOS,
  • mentioned MonkOS on social media and people liked it,

then MonkOS Contributor Program is for you, read on! 😀

Eligible Content

In order to be eligible for a reward, your content must check all of these boxes:

Submit Your Content

Submitting content is simple:

  1. Sign up for a MonkOS account (if you don't have one already!),
  2. Join MonkOS Discord Server and link your content in #content channel,
  3. We will review your content and get back to you regarding next steps,
  4. If accepted, your content will be featured on our Resources page.


Our team will review your content and put into one of three tiers at their discretion. Judging is based on social reach, production value and effort you put into your content. You can get only rewarded once for a single piece of content.

TierArticles, posts, tweetsVideo, audio, multimedia
🥇 gold$150$300
🥈 silver$75$150
🥉 bronze$25$50
The reward amounts may change without notice

MonkOS Contributor Program rules apply. Read more

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