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Welcome to Monk

Welcome to Monk, the AI DevOps for the cloud.

Monk takes any cloud application directly from source code to production, in any cloud. With or without AI.

Monk, an expert autonomous AI DevOps agent trained on live application architectures. Being aware of the lowest-level infrastructure to the highest application intent, Monk selects, builds, and runs a deployable diagram. Using our GUI Whiteboard or code, the running deployable designs are instrumented, inspectable and editable. Monk communicates through a chat interface and is system-aware of both the existing configuration and all potential options.

Monk is the AI element within the Monk ecosystem. This AI does not function independently; rather, it is powered by MonkOS, an innovative distributed cloud operating system we have built.

MonkOS comes with hundreds of ready pre-configured packages, called Kits. They are pre-packaged components such as containers, infrastructure elements and third party APIs. Kits are composable and portable. There are hundreds of public Kits available on monkHub. Kit repositories can be either public or private.

You can interact with MonkOS via our GUI (whiteboard) or CLI.

Start with Whiteboard
Start with CLI

If at any time you need help or want to share feedback, we'd love to hear from you! Find all our contacts and resources on the Support page to find our contacts, or join us directly on Discord.

About the Documentationโ€‹

Monkโ€™s documentation supports Monk products as well as the Monk Community. All Monk documentation is licensed via a Creative-Commons license, so please feel free to open a GitHub Issue or PR directly if you see anything you would like clarified or fixed.

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