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Creating Instances

First step is to create some cloud VM instances that will host your services and kits. To do so, click on (plus) and select Create Instance.

This will create a box on the diagram - whatever you put in that box will be assigned to run on that instance. Selecting the instance brings up a property editor where you can select placement, type and default volume for your instance. With MonkOS you can pick any region and instance type on any of the supported clouds.

Instances can be also resized and moved on the board at any moment to make a clear layout of the designed system. Hovering your mouse cursor over an instance will show a little context toolbar. Let’s use the duplicate button to create a new instance.

Any change you make is saved automatically. Indicator in the top-right corner of the screen says Saved! once current edits were persisted. You can safely close or refresh the browser tab without losing any data.

Saving does not deploy any changes to the cluster.

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