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Common Issues

Commonly encountered issues and how to resolve them.

I need to generally troubleshoot my MonkOS installation

There may be situations where you need to check your MonkOS installation to troubleshoot an issue with your configuration or the tool itself. The first place you should go to gather information is monk system selftest:

$ monk system selftest
✔ CLI check DONE
✔ Daemon check DONE
✔ NS check DONE
✔ Cluster check DONE
✔ Runtime check DONE
✔ Host check DONE
Test results:
✔ CLI check: Version v3.10.1, build 268736cb
✔ Daemon check: Daemon is running: Version v3.10.1, build 268736cb
⚠ Cluster connection check: Cluster not connected
✔ NS consistency check: NS in consistent state
✔ Runtime check: Runtime version 20.10.14
✔ Host check: OS darwin darwin 13.3.1, Usage: CPU 0.00%, Memory 72.50%, Disk 57.69%

The above case is a situation showing what happens when the tool is installed and running, but is not currently connected to a cluster. Common configuration issues, like the state of the CLI tool itself, the daemon, and so forth, are all checked as part of the selftest with the outputs displayed as above.

MonkOS CLI cannot connect to monkd socket

If you do not have monkd running when you use the MonkOS CLI, you will encounter an error that looks like the following:

$ monk register
failed to connect on socket /Users/USERNAME/.monk/monkd.sock
monkd logfile found
try to connect monkd on other socket/port

To resolve this error: start or restart the monkd process. Depending on what you are working on, you mway want to do this via tmux in a separate window, in a new tab of your terminal session, or as a background process.

Some of my runnables have problem resolving hostnames of other runnables

If some of the runnables crash with errors like Error connecting to Redis on templates-stack-redis-redis:6379 (SocketError) and you are using alpine based image then you have probably encountered a bug with alpine hostname resolving.

How to verify it:

monk shell problematic-runnable-name
ping templates-stack-redis-redis

If the ping works correctly then it might be problem with your service. If on the other hand the host is not reachable when pinging it might be problem related to some alpine versions. It can be mitigated by adding .monk at the end of the host. For example templates-stack-redis-redis.monk. After that you can verify that host is working by loading Kit again and updating your runnable. In monk Kits the .monk suffix can be added using arrowscript:

<- get-hostname("stack/redis", "redis") ".monk" concat
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